Wedding Suits

I provide a bespoke tailoring service for grooms and groomsmen. I will create a suit that will make you look and feel amazing on your wedding day.


Groom Wedding Suits

We all know the wedding dress will be stunning on the big day, but suits for you and your groomsmen are just as important as they need careful thought and planning. A tailored bespoke wedding suit for the groom will make you look and feel amazing. Your appearance should be special, just like your wedding day.

A couple getting married with the groom wearing a Grooms suit from The Bespoke Tailor


What We Do

Bespoke suits for grooms and groomsmen that are tailored to you and your wedding.

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Tailored to Your Personal Style

There is nothing more satisfying than designing a wedding suit that fits every aspect of a client – from your measurements to your personality to your unique style. That is what tailoring is all about. Having a tailor-made groom suit for your wedding day that is designed and created just for you will make you feel special, there’s no other way to put it.

Bespoke tailoring- appointments at your home

Home Consultation

I know how busy and hectic organising a wedding can be. That’s why I work to your wedding plan. Whether from the comfort of your own home or place of work, I visit you at the time and location that is best for you to help create the best wedding suits for the groom. At our consultation, I spend time learning more about you and your wedding to create a suit that is perfect for your big day. Our consultation will start with getting to know you, and end with a groom suit you will be excited to wear to your wedding.

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World-Class Tailor

The Bespoke Tailor provides world-class tailoring with exceptional service. The kind of service that you remember and the quality of garments that make you feel special when you wear them. I will get to the heart of what you need and work closely with you to design and create garments that are bespoke to you.

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Award-Winning Tailoring

I have won prestigious awards for my work in the wedding industry. In 2015 I was ‘Most Popular Menswear Designer – Worldwide’ in the Wedding Industry Experts Awards. In 2016 I was a Regional Finalist in The Wedding Industry Awards. These awards recognise the top wedding professionals who demonstrate excellence in quality, service and professionalism. It is great to be recognised for the passion, skill, and hard work put into each garment.
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Best of British

I specialise in British milled fabrics and only deal with British companies. I do this because the UK weaves the best cloth in the world – so why would I want to go anywhere else? This means that when you choose The Bespoke Tailor, you’ll get a wedding suit that is made from the best quality materials in the world. Why would you want to go anywhere else?

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20+ Years of Experience

I live, eat, and breathe tailoring. Having been in the tailoring industry since 1996, I have seen every aspect of tailoring, from working on the shop floor to creating garments for high-end accounts, and, of course, handcrafting suits for weddings. Over the last 20 years, I have worked with some of the top names in the industry and the expertise, skills and knowledge I have gained goes into every single garment that I create.



There is nothing better than designing a suit that fits every aspect of a client – from their measurements to their personality. That is what tailoring is all about.


The Bespoke Tailor provides world-class, award-winning tailoring with exceptional service. For sheer quality and outstanding workmanship, The Bespoke Tailor is your best choice for tailored, made-to-measure suits in the UAE.


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