Corporate Ties

We work with clients to design corporate ties that both look great on and align with your brand guidelines.


The Perfect Corporate Neckwear

Are you looking for corporate ties for your brand, sports club, association or event?

We work with clients on a national scale to design corporate ties that both look great on and sit with your brand guidelines. The perfect blend of branding, design and quality.

Let us help you by getting in touch below.

An image of a corporate tie made by The Bespoke Tailor


What We Do

Our corporate ties combine branding, design, and quality to create the perfect corporate neckwear for your brand, business, or sports club.

A custom made corporate tie

Initial Consultation

The idea of the initial consultation is simply fact-finding – in order to design and make your perfect corporate ties, we like to get under the skin of each and every client. Working with some of the biggest sports clubs in Europe and FTSE 100 clients, we understand that each and every client has different requirements.

If this is your first time, we are able to provide ideas on costs, lead times, material options, etc.

A custom made corporate tie


Once we have understood your initial designs or after going through any brand guidelines you may have, we can then go to work on your initial designs.

We present these via a CAD design and go through these with the client to understand their likes and dislikes.

This process is then repeated until such a time that the client is happy to move to sampling.

A custom made corporate tie


Sampling can be done in one of two ways (or both should the lead times allow). Firstly, we can weave a silk blanket to show different colour ways in which your tie can be presented. Other clients simply prefer us to make up a sample tie.

A custom made corporate tie


Once we have been through the sampling of your corporate ties, we have the designs and samples signed off and then we are off to the bulk manufacturing.

Having manufacturing facilities in both the UK and the Far East, we can work with clients from both a price or lead time perspective to hit any deadline or budget restraints you may have.

A custom made corporate tie


Should you have a deadline to hit or are simply in need to replenish existing stock, we will keep you informed on the process of your tie manufacturing and handover on the date they are required.

A custom made corporate tie

Post Handover

Once you have worn the new corporate ties and are happy, we will work to understand if or how you may need us in the future. Many clients sell ties and so ask us to keep in touch with the procurement department to ensure that new stock is kept at a reasonable level. Other clients need corporate ties for a one-off event. Either way, we are here to help.



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